We believe in a world where you can buy a beer and make a difference.

In 2018  five mates got together over a few beers and asked the question, why wasn't there a great tasting, independent beer that gave back to the community?  After a few more beers, that question became  "How hard could it really be to start a beer label?"

Turns out, quite hard. But we weren't to know as we jumped headfirst into making our new dream a reality. Throughout the rest of that year, we worked tirelessly gaining advice from a generous industry and community. We established partnerships with those who shared our values and vision.  SecondBite, an amazing organisation addressing food wastage and food insecurity was one such partnership. We promised that for every pack and pint sold to provide a meal to someone in need through their incredible work and ​to date we have provided over 18,000 meals.​


In February 2019, A Local Beer, as we were then known, officially launched with our first beer;, our XPA. In the following 18 months, we released two more core range beers (Pacific Paradise and Runaway IPA), participated in our first beer festival, had our products sold in seven Australian States and Territories and released three 'Fruits of our Labour' collaboration brews with Burnley Brewing that highlight food wastage and sustainability.  


In October 2020 we realised we were no longer a few mates making beers we had evolved into a professional, accomplished organisation. A brand refresh and a name change to Local Brewing Co. was adopted to better match who we had become. 

Our vision hasn’t changed in that time and our motivation to make great tasting beers that drive sustainable social impact has only grown.  We are constantly thinking of the next beer idea or project to drive our organisation forward and can't wait to share these with you.

We are so grateful for all of you who have enjoyed our products and spread our message far and wide, we couldn't have done it without you.


From the team at Local Brewing Co.


Drink A Local. Make A Difference.

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