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The Great Local Beer Quiz #6

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Difficulty: Easy

Q1. Which Australian beer brand did Paul Hogan famously star in several ads for in the 1980s?

Q2. That’s a lot of Beer Multiple Choice!

Which country produces the most beer by VOLUME?

A) China

B) Russia

C) Brazil

D) Nauru

Q3. Which large Australian brewery shares its name with a type of small waterfall?

Q4. What fruit features in the latest release from A Local Beer and Burnley Brewing’s ‘Fruits of our Labour collaboration range’?

Q5. Which large US brewery advertises itself as ‘The King of Beers’?

Difficulty: Medium

Q6. A unicorn is the logo of which South Australian brewery?

BONUS POINT: The unicorn is the animal emblem for which nation?

Q7. Which West-Australian brewery produces beers titled Hop Hog and Biggie Juice?

Q8. A Viral Beer Multiple Choice

Appearing on their bottles, what is the full name of the beer Corona?

A) Original

B) Extra

C) Premium

D) Pandemic

Q9. What’s in a Name Three- Pointer

Can you identify the following Australian breweries from the clues provided?

  1. A Brewery named after a former Australian PM

  2. A Brewery named after a genre of Japanese films featuring giant monsters

  3. A Brewery named after a Sanskrit word meaning the fifth element or perfect environment

Q10. What style of sour wheat beer is named after a European Capital city?

Difficulty: Hard

Q11. Sports & Beer Two-Pointer

Beginning with ‘C’ which two beer companies beer have been principal drink sponsors of the EPL (English Premier Leauge)?

Q12. Unique Beer Style Multiple Choice

Which one of the following is a recognised beer style?

A) Cicerone

B) Sahti

C) Koleschriber

D) Yum Yum

Q13. A Hop Oil Two-Pointer

What names are given to the two 'acids' found in hops' essential oils that share their name with letters of the Greek alphabet?

Q14. Lager, Sour or Barrel Aged: Which beer style gained more entries in GABS Hottest 100 craft beers of 2019?

Q15. ‘Latest Sailor’ is an anagram of which international brewery?

Answers at bottom of page


Q1. Fosters

Q2. A) China

Q3. Cascade

Q4. Watermelon (Watermelon Crush - Hazy Pale Ale)

Q5. Budweiser

Q6. Blasta Brewing


Q7. Feral

Q8. Extra

Q9. A) Hawke’s B) Kaiju! C) Akasha

Q10. Berliner Weisse

Q11. Carlsberg and Carling

Q12. B) Shati

Q13. Alpha & Beta (2 points)

Q14. Lager

Q15. Stella Artois

Total / 20

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