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Meet The Team: Introducing Roy!

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

A Local Beer is lucky enough to have a superstar working for us by the name of Roy. We call him Roy our Boy. He technically is a Sales Rep but is so much more than just a salesperson. He goes around spreading the good word of A Local Beer, finding solutions and mainly just being a legend. We thought we would find out a little more about what makes Roy tick in this interview. (Answers may have been edited to make Roy and A Local Beer seem even cooler than we are)

Hugo: Roy! How did you get into craft beer?

Roy: Well I didn’t really drink decent/craft beer before I started working at Up In Smoke in Footscray. It’s where I first got to regularly taste higher quality and better quality beers to what I and my friends were drinking - and have been getting more into the craft beer scene ever since.

Hugo: A big shout out to Up In Smoke otherwise you wouldn’t be here! What are you drinking at the moment out of interest?

Roy: Well It happens to be an XPA by a little company called A Local Beer.

Hugo: Well done Roy you will go far in this company. Besides, that obviously delicious and worthy choice is there anything else you are getting into?

Roy: ...So wintery beers are on the menu naturally with this weather so I’m getting into my porters- Colonial Porter is currently in my fridge. I’m also still loving drinking NEIPAS. I recently had Bodriggy’s Cosmic Microwave which was delicious.

Hugo: Stop you’re making me thirsty. What’s your best beer experience?

Roy: Ummm I can’t really think of anything.

Hugo: O.K. Roy we better change that. Starting with beers tonight. Well do you have a worst beer experience you want to tell us about?

Roy: Hugo there’s no such thing as a bad experience when it comes to beer.

Hugo: Hahah great answer although I have many examples that might make you think differently! Lastly what have you learnt so far from working with a Local Beer in your role?

Roy: Mainly I would say it’s listening. Listening to what people need to find a solution. It’s also being flexible - listening to their concerns. I think that you really have to discover what people want and there is a real art to that.

Hugo: Roy you are already so wise. Thanks for the chat and we look forward to you meeting all the lovely suppliers and drinkers of A Local Beer!

P.S. Oh and did we mention it was Roy's birthday the other day? Well, it was and we're sending the birthday boy to one of our local favourites with a voucher in hand to complete some important market research ;) Enjoy Roy!

Interview by Hugo Mylecharane

Co-founder of 'A Local Beer'

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