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The Great Local Beer Quiz #4

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Difficulty - Easy

Q1. Which common shape appears on the Heineken logo?

Q2. Banana Bread Brown Ale is the newest release from which sustainable beer range, a collaboration between Burnley Brewing and A Local Beer?

Q3. Beginning with ‘P’ what popular style of lager originated in the modern-day Czech Republic?

Q4. Approximately how many people typically attend the annual Oktoberfest in Munich?

A) 500 thousand

B) 3 million

C) 6 million

D) 10 million

Q5. Which multinational beer brand’s advertising tagline is “Probably the best beer in the world?”

Difficulty - Medium

Q6. Which New Zealand Brewery ranked 59th in the list of the world's top 100 breweries of 2019 by RateBeer?

Q7. Which of the following might you find at a brewery: Yeast Bomb, Hop Cannon or Malting Gun?

Q8. The name of what 425ml beer glass shares its name with a type of sailing vessel?

Q9. South Australian Brewery Big Shed brews a stout inspired by which Street’s Ice Cream?

Q10. In which movies or TV Shows would you find the following fictional pubs and bars?

A) The Drunken Clam

B) Mos Eisley Cantina

C) Paddy’s Pub

Difficulty - Hard

Q11. Which US city’s Major League Baseball team is the 'Brewers’?

Q12. Which fruit would be added to a lambic to create the beer style, Kriek?

Q13. Nitro & Pastry Stouts are all the rage this winter! Can you name the breweries responsible for these sweet and thick brews?

A) The Pastry Chef

B) Zooom

C) The Big Bad Wolf

Q14. Beginning with ‘B’ what names are given the vine-like structures of hop plants?

Q.15 ‘Donated Swoon’ is an anagram of which Australian Brewery?

Answers at Bottom of Page


Q1. (Red) Star

Q2. Fruits of our Labour

Q3. Pilsner

Q4. C) 6 Million (The largest party in the world!)

Q5. Carlsberg (Note: it definitely isn’t close to being the best beer in the world)

Q6. Garage Project

Q7. Hop Cannon

Q8. Schooner

Q9. Golden Gaytime

Q10. (One point each)

A) Family Guy

B) Star Wars

C) It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Q11. Milwaukee

Q12. Cherries

Q13. (One point each)

A) Co-Conspirators

B) Sauce

C) One Drop

Q14. Bines

Q15. Stone and Wood

Score /19

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