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The Great Local Beer Quiz

Difficulty- Easy

1. Which beer label has styles named ‘The Chancer’ and ‘The Swindler’?

2. In Australia, How many millilitres would a full pint of A Local Beer be?

3. From which nations are the following beers from?

  1. Heineken

  2. Speights

  3. Carlsberg

4. In which TV series does the fictional beer ‘Duff’ appear?

5. A Local Beer launched with our XPA in 2019. What does XPA stand for?

Difficulty Harder

6. What gas byproduct is created in the brewing process when yeast converts sugar into alcohol?

7. What is Australia’s oldest still-operating brewery?

8. A Local Beer’s Pacific Paradise has an IBU of 18. What does the IBU stand for?

9. By volume what are the three highest-selling beers in Australia?

10. In the 2019 survey of In the GABS Hottest 100 craft beers of Australia- Balter had four beers in the top 20. Which A.C.T. brewery placed three of their beers in the top 20?

Difficulty Hardest

11. Which nation consumes more beer per capita than any other?

12. Ultimately used to calculate the alcohol content of beer, what, beginning with ‘H’ is used to measure the gravity of beer in the brewing process?

13. A Local Beer’s XPA contains Amarillo hops. Did you also know that Amarillo is the Spanish word for yellow. Which other popular hop varieties share their names with the following..

  1. A US twin-engined Helicopter

  2. A mythical ‘city of gold’

  3. A tessellation of tiles

14. What was the name of the Bavarian couple whose wedding feast in 1810 gave birth to the annual Oktoberfest Celebrations?

15. Which New Zealand brewery is an anagram of ‘A carpet jogger’

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