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The Great Local Beer Quiz #2

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Difficulty- Easy

Q1. According to the original German purity law, what were the only three ingredients allowed in the production of beer?

Q2. Which South Australian brewery is Australia's largest independent operation?

Q3. In the sentence “A Local Beer XPA has an ABV of 5%” - what does ABV stand for?

Q4. “For a hard-earned thirst…” is the advertising slogan for which Australian beer company?

Q5. The beer Singha originates in which country?

Difficulty- Medium

Q6. Broadly speaking what style of beers are Dunkels and Bocks?

Q7. Queensland, New South Wales, or Victoria - Which state had the most entries in the GABS Hottest 100 beers of 2019?

Q8. Which beer style comes from the french word for ‘Season’?

Q9. Which Victorian craft brewery changed the name and branding of its Star Wars inspired New England IPA in 2019 after the alcohol advertising watchdog deemed the branding was appealing to minors?

Q10. What was the name of the recently launched (and super delicious) IPA from A Local Beer?

Difficulty- Hardest

Q11. In which century was the German purity law established?

BONUS POINT: What is the name of that law?

Q12. St. James's Gate is the location of which famous international brewery?

Q13. By volume, what are the three highest selling beers in the USA?

Hint: all these beers are low-calorie a.k.a lite beers and marginally more flavoursome than bathwater.

Q.14 What term beginning with ‘N’ can be applied to Saaz and several other European hop varieties that are typically low in bitterness and high in aroma?

Q15. Which Australian brewery is an anagram of ‘beer can gone’?

(All answers at bottom of page)


Q1. Water, Hops & Barley/malt (1 point for each)

Q2. Cooper’s

Q3. Alcohol by Volume (1 point total)

Q4. Victoria Bitter

Q5. Thailand

Q6. Lagers

Q7. Queensland (29 entries from 12 breweries)

Q8. Saison

Q9. Hop Nation (Jedi Juice is now known as J- Juice)

Q10. Runaway IPA

Q11. 16th Century (1516)

BONUS POINT: Reinheitsgebot (extra points if you can pronounce it properly!)

Q12. Guinness

Q13. Bud Lite, Coors Lite, Miller Lite (1 point for each)

Q14. Noble Hops

Q15. Green Beacon

Total /20

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