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The Great Local Beer Quiz #3

Difficulty - Easy

Q1. Which animal appears on the logo for Great Northern Brewing Co.

Q2. In which countries did the following beers originate?

A) A Local Beer

B) Heineken

C) Bintang

Q3. In millilitres, what is accepted as the standard size of a ‘stubby’ in Australia?

Q4. Which gas is added to Guinness to give it its distinctive creaminess?

Q5. From 1977 until 2012 which was the only Australian State or Territory to refund beer cans and bottles via its container deposit scheme?

Difficulty - Medium

Q6. A Prime Ministerial 3 Pointer!

A) What is the name of the measure of beer that Bob Hawke is said to have set a world record for drinking the fastest in 1954?

B) The record was set during his time at which University?

C) To the nearest second, what was the record?

Q7. Alongside barley, which grain is used in the brewing process of Budweiser and Sapporo lagers?

Q8. What is the name of the unfermentable milk sugar that is typically added to beers labelled ‘milk’ or ‘cream’?

Q9. Russian Imperial, Dry, and Oyster are all varieties of what beer style?

Q10. A Local Beer is proudly 100% Independent and Australian owned. Which West Australian Brewery is owned by the Coca-Cola Amatil Corporation?

Difficulty - Hard

Q11. In 1796 who is recorded as being Australia’s first commercial brewer?

Q12. In which decade was the first commercially available canned beer in Australia sold?

BONUS POINT: Which beer was it?

Q13. Which of the following is a common name for a 750 ml longneck of beer in Western Australia?

A) Tall Boy

B) Giant Roo

C) King Brown

D) Dirty Swan

Q14. Which fruit would feature in a framboise beer?

Q15. ‘No Automating’ is an anagram for the name of which Australian brewery?

(All answers at bottom of page)


Q1. Marlin

Q2. A) A Local Beer - Australia

B) Heniekin - The Netherlands

C) Bintang - Indonesia

Q3. 375 ml

Q4. Nitrogen

Q5. South Australia

Q6. A) A Yard of Beer/ Yard Glass (It holds, 1.4 Litres)

B) Oxford University

C) 11 seconds

Q7. Rice

Q8. Lactose

Q9. Stout

Q10. Feral Brewing Co.

Q11. John Boston

Q12. The 1950s (1958)

Bonus Point: Victoria Bitter

Q13. C) King Brown

Q14. Raspberry

Q15. Mountain Goat

Total /20

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