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The Great Local Beer Quiz #5

Difficulty: Easy

Q1. Beginning with ‘S’, in Australia what name is given to the drink that combines beer with lemonade?

Q2. Which European country produces the most cider by volume?

Q3. Which charity partner has helped A Local Beer deliver over 17,000 meals with their ‘every pack and pint equal a meal to someone in need’ initiative?

Q4. Beer Logos Three Pointer:

Can you name the following large Australian breweries from their logos?

A) Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacine)

B) Stag

C) Cherub (mythical winged infant child)

Q5. What does the ‘E’ stand for in the beer style NEIPA?

Difficulty: Medium

Q6. Which Australian cricketer was said to have broken a record for the number of beers consumed on a flight from Australia to England in 1989?

BONUS POINT: How many cans of beer is he said to have drunk on that flight?

Q7. Salt, sugar, or pepper: which pantry ingredient is typically added to brew the beer style gose (gose-uh)?

Q8. Beginning with ‘I’, what word is commonly used to label beers that are generally higher in alcohol volume?

Q9. What’s in a name Multiple Choice:

According to the website what is the most common pub name in Australia?

A) Commercial

B) Club

C) Royal

D) A Local Beer House of Debauchery

Q10. In November 2019 Brewdog opened its first Australian operation in which city?

BONUS POINT: In which Scottish city was Brewdog founded?

Difficulty Hard

Q11. Which NSW Brewery placed at number 28 In GABS’s Hottest 100 Craft Beers of 2019 with their Sonic Prayer IPA?

Q12. A qualified wine expert is a called sommelier. What is the name of a certified beer expert?

Q13. Lambics are a style of beer that rely upon fermentation of which ‘wild’ yeast strain beginning with ‘B’?

Q14. According to findings by C+ R Research, Which of the following cities/towns have the most breweries per capita in the USA?

A) Seattle, Washington

B) Portland, Maine

C) Bend, Oregon

D) Boulder, Colorado

Q15. ‘Racoon’ is an anagram of which international beer brand?

Answers at bottom of page


Q1. Shandy

Q2. France

Q3. SecondBite

Q4. A) Cascade, B) Tooheys C) Little Creatures (One point for each)

Q5. England (New England India Pale Ale)

Q6. David Boon. BONUS POINT: 52 (That is almost 20 Litres of Beer in case you were wondering)

Q7. Salt

Q8. Imperial

Q9. C) Royal

Q10. Brisbane BONUS POINT: Aberdeen

Q11. Modus Operandi

Q12. Cicerone

Q13. Brettanomyces

Q14. B) Portland, Maine

Q15. Corona

Total /19

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