Mandarin & Maple Syrup NEIPA

Mandarin & Maple Syrup NEIPA




Straight from the GABs Festival circuit, we have the very popular 'THIS IS YOUR CAPTAIN SPEAKING' Mandarin and Maple NEIPA.


Welcome onboard the Limited Release Airlines flight with a non-stop service from Mandarin to Maple Syrup 🍊🥞


At this time, we ask that you please fasten your tastebuds and secure all beer inside your glass or in the overhead vessel compartment 🗺️

Please ensure your seats are in the upright position and your table trays are stowed for minimal beer spillage 💦

The zestiness of mandarin juice and the sweet softness of maple syrup. It's a full bodied collision of two worlds

"This is actually quite decent. Good for a NEIPA, not just a standard NEIPA either, would drink could drink" - John, Untappd

"Needed this, a cracking good beer" - (another) John, Untappd